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In January 2016 we transitioned to prepaid time blocks for minor work to be performed on client’s websites.  If you need any work performed in the areas listed below, please purchase the appropriate Prepaid Time Block. Our minimum billable time unit is 20-minutes. We have discounted the 3-hour block at 10% and the 5-hour block at 15% per hour.

Once we receive your payment, we will add your project to our work schedule and complete it as quickly as possible.

Content Management – this covers updating or adding text and images.

Design Services – this covers any MINOR modifications to a client’s existing WordPress theme. It is NOT to be used for complete theme changes.

Maintenance – this is only for updates to a site, such as plug-ins, WordPress themes etc. and to fix update compatibility issues.  We do have a yearly WordPress Maintenance Plan that is significantly cheaper than paying by the hour.  It also covers restoring a hacked site (please call to discuss cost).

Training – WordPress Training (the time does not have to be used all at once.  You can be spread your training out over two sessions but each session will need to be an hour minimum).

Prepaid Time Block – 1 Hour ($90)

Discounted Prepaid Time Block – 3 Hours ($243.00)

Discounted Prepaid Time Block – 5 Hours ($382.50)

Select Prepaid Time Block

NOTE:  A PayPal account is NOT required to purchase prepaid time.  Select “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” after selecting the “Buy Now” button.

Our quoted time is not a fixed price and if actual work exceeds time purchased, all work will stop, until the additional time is purchased. No refunds for unused hours will be given. However, as a courtesy to our clients, unused time will be kept on account and will not expire.