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In the United States, we have the privilege of being protected by the world’s finest servicemen and women. These brave soldiers sacrifice daily to ensure that the American way of like will continue to thrive. When these unparalleled individuals come home, they are our veterans and it’s up to us to show them continued support.

Often, vets will come home with brilliant ideas for products or services that contribute to society. When they put those plans into motion and create businesses, they give the public an opportunity to back one of the best causes – veteran owned businesses.

To put in perspective the importance that some this country’s best and brightest put on supporting veteran-owned businesses, consider this: almost 15 percent of Fortune 1000 companies set goals to include veteran-owned businesses in their supply chains as part of their supplier diversity programs.


It isn’t just large corporations that want to support veteran-owned businesses, however, it’s the average American consumer as well! In fact, 2/3 of people asked, responded that they’d rather buy from veterans than from non-veterans. That means not only are the smartest people in the country showing faith in veteran-owned businesses, your neighbors are too.

To date, there are over 3 million veteran-owned businesses in this country, with more popping up every day. If you have need for a product or service in the near future, make sure to do some research and find out if you can get that product or service from a veteran. Chances are good that you can.

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Veteran-Owned Web Design Company in Michigan

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