10 Impressive Benefits of Content Marketing Which Grow Your Business

benefits of content marketing

It seems like every business owner is investing in content marketing nowadays – but, are they actually getting anything out it? The answer is yes!

The benefits of content marketing are very real.

This marketing tool offers clear, substantial results when it’s utilized correctly. It can help businesses reach their target market in a more personal, direct manner which leads to lasting customer relationships. It’s effective and it’s full of all kinds of marketing opportunities.

Not convinced?

Keep reading to discover the 10 top benefits of content marketing.

1. Increases Brand Awareness

Content marketing is all about publishing information. It creates a steady stream of blog posts, press releases, and emails to help get the attention of your audience.

A user may not want to buy something from you the first time they see your brand pop up on a search result. But, they will come to better recognize and relate to your brand as you continue to appear on search results.

2. Provides Many Different Channels to Utilize

The publishing examples mentioned above are just the beginning of what content marketing can do. It’s an on-page and an off-page effort. It goes beyond blogging, press releases, and emails and includes things like:

  • guest blogs
  • vlogs
  • social media posts
  • infographics
  • case studies
  • e-books

Basically, anything that you publish online with your brand’s name (or byline) on it is a form of content marketing. When you add all of these things together, amazing results can happen for your brand and your bottom line.

3. Develops a Relationship with Your Audience

When you’re able to interact with users via various forms of content, what you’re really doing is creating a strong relationship with each person on the other side of the screen.

Publishing different kinds of content on a regular basis tells users that you want to give them the best experience possible. It says you’re a company who goes above and beyond to provide exceptional service, and that you care about more than just making a sale.

Put simply, content marketing builds trust.

4. Offers Valuable Insights to Users

Every piece of content has to be made with your ideal consumer in mind. Don’t make the mistake of generating content just to catch Google’s attention. You want every published item to be relevant in the eyes of the user.

Your content needs to be helpful, informative, and/or offer a unique, innovative insight. Such valuable is what makes users gravitate to you versus competitors as they make online inquiries on Google and follow different social media accounts.

5. Establishes You As an Industry Authority

If you’re offering high-quality content all the time, you clearly know a thing or two about your industry. This is another benefit of content marketing – the ability to establish yourself as an authority.

Think of the big brands that everyone knows like McDonald’s and Nike and Disney. Establishing yourself as an industry authority basically makes you the “Nike” of your industry.

You become the go-to company for users to get new information from as trends start to change and new technologies are released. This applies to every industry out there, from food and entertainment to manufacturing and legal services.

6. Boosts Site Traffic (and Conversions!)

This is one of the more surface-level reasons that business owners invest in content marketing. They’re looking for a way to build more traffic on their site and out-rank competitors on Google SERP’s.

As valuable as a good ranking is, you have to think beyond that. The best content marketing strategy is not what leads users to your site, but what guides them through the entire buying journey.

7. Keeps Users Coming Back

Although content marketing can lead to more sales, it’s not always an immediate result. More often than not, you’re going to have to gently nudge a user from one step of the buying journey to the next until they opt-in.

This means you have to keep them coming back to your site. You need to create a series of online interactions with them from the moment they notice your brand until they’re buying your product/services.

Then, you want to continue to bring them back for more.

8. Gives You the Ability to Recycle Content

Here’s an interesting benefit of content marketing: it doesn’t get old. The best content is that which is evergreen. It’s not seasonal or only relevant for a short period of time, but rather something that you can recycle and use again and again.

It’s rare for a marketing campaign to be able to offer that. You can’t rely on the same billboard to continue to bring foot traffic to your store or just purchase one radio ad for an entire year.

But, you can write an amazing blog post that’s relevant to your industry in January, then recycle it as social media or email content in June. If you create all of your content with the idea of being evergreen, that’s a lot of different things you can use again later on!

9. Creates Long-Lasting Results

Another long-term benefit of content marketing is the fact that it doesn’t have an expiration date. From the second you publish a blog or post to social media, you’re adding to all the information Google has about you.

This increases your chances of out-ranking competitors while also deepening your relationship with a user. All your efforts continue to add up to start building a better online presence, then, they work to maintain the presence you’ve built.

10. Puts More Money In Your Pocket

The final benefit of content marketing is all the money that it puts back in your pocket. This happens in two ways. The first is that it can save you a lot of money on marketing because it’s a relatively cheap form of advertising. The second is the increase in sales that create more profits for your business as a whole.

Either way, it’s always better to have a little more in your earnings than to be working with a tight budget.

Discover the Benefits of Content Marketing for Yourself

You can read about the benefits of content marketing as much as you want, but it’s only when you start to generate content that you’ll see all the results at play. The sooner you get started, the better.

You don’t have to be an amazing writer to produce a great blog, and there’s no need to set aside a bunch of time in your day to do things like keyword research or video editing. We can do all of that for you and more.

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